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face_12Want to take 5 to 10 years off your facial appearance? A full face fractional Laser resurfacing has been a great choice. It works by removing the damaged skin surface (epidermis), stimulating the dermis to grow a new top layer.

New ProFractional technology is designed to effectively treat wrinkles, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and improve skin tone and texture in a fast, comfortable, little down-time treatment.

ProFractional technology is used to create micro-ablation columns of 250 microns in diameter with the Profile Contour laser. ProFractional can be set for treatment depths of 25 to 1500 microns and treatment coverage from 1.5 to 60%, providing you with the control to offer versatile and precise treatments, with the quality that you expect.

Clinical investigators have found that these micro-ablation columns are ideal for rapid, painless rejuvenation of the dermis. They also found that ProFractional treatment can be ideally combined with MicroLaserPeel , and home skincare products (Obagi) for enhanced results in one visit.

When the treatment is finished, Aquafor or Vaseline ointment will be applied to keep your skin moist while the new skin grows. It is crucial that you follow post treatment instructions carefully, as you will want to avoid infection and unnecessary discomfort. Immediately following the treatment your skin will feel as if it is mildly sunburnt, and will look red, but this will fade over a few days or weeks time. A flare up of herpes simplex is possible in someone who carries the virus. We usually let you take oral antiviral medication for a week after the ProFractional peeling.

Depending on your skin and the depth of the peel, we may recommend anywhere from 1-4 treatments. This treatment is great for the weekend; have your treatment done on a Friday and be ready to go on Monday or Tuesday.

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