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Butt_1Many women seek Brazilian Butt Augmentation because they want to improve the contour of their buttocks by increasing the size, lifting and enhancing the shape, and correcting proportional imbalances.

In the past, fat grafting could not produce permanent results due to the eventual resorption and breakdown of the harvested fat after being injected. Because too much fat was injected into areas at one time, the fat could not gain enough blood to survive.

Structural fat grafting is an advanced fat transfer technique available to patients who hope to permanently restore and rejuvenate butt areas with more natural looking results. Smaller amounts of fat are carefully microinjected in a series of distinct layers, and the space between each injection allows new blood vessels to grow into the grafted fat. This way, each new location of fat is able to gain its own blood supply and gradually grow long term, providing beautiful and permanent results.


Dr. Shu developed the revolutionary RejuveButt™ procedure system that combines the Vaser technology with structural fat grafting. RejuveButt™ provides patients with the benefits of both Vaser liposuction and butt enhancement, without ever introducing a foreign object (implants) into the body. RejuveButt™ permanently restores youthful butt contours.

The best candidate for this procedure is a physically healthy, normal weight, person with firm, elastic skin, and with realistic goals.

Typically performed on an outpatient basis. Under local anesthesia and IV sedation, Dr. Shu first uses the Vaser ultrasound probe to contour your waist and butt; he then performs micro fat injection to rejuvenate the whole butt using the structural fat grafting techniques.

RejuveButt™ can last between two to four hours depending in the amount of fat removed, number of areas treated and the size of the buttocks desired.

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