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shutterstock_87747703 (250x239)Shu Cosmetic Surgery is the most comprehensive cosmetic treatment center for advanced liposuction in Minnesota, offering three advanced technologies: Vaser Liposuction, Laser Liposuction and AquaShape Liposuction – giving you a variety of choices and targeted results.

  • Liposuction services with pricing as low as starting $2500* per area
  • Minimally invasive techniques and Cutting edge technology
  • Local tumescent anesthesia: awake, comfortable, and quick recovery

Lunch Break Liposuction

Lunch Break Lipo is so minimally invasive that the patient remains awake during the liposuction and can even return to work when it is over. Our lipo technologies and techniques are much safer and more precise than the crude fat extraction in the past. The Vaser Lipo system uses focused ultrasound energy to selectively get rid of fat cells without affecting much of the surrounding veins, nerves, and tissue. This results in faster healing and less downtime. This is why Lunch break Lipo can be performed effectively and efficiently without any sedation.

Vaser LipoSelection

Dr. Shu is the first to introduce Vaser LipoSelection in Minneapolis and St. Paul. This advanced technique is similar to laser liposuction, but uses forced ultrasound energy to selectively dissolve fat cells without effecting the surrounding nerves and tissue. Vaser Lipo is very safe because the temperature is not as high as in laser technology. It is also very efficient to emulsify the fat in large areas. Dr. Shu usually uses Vaser technology for liposuction procedures, especially in larger areas such as the abdomen. Since the fat tissue is emulsified, not melted or damaged, the fat can be used for fat transfer in natural breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lift.

Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction offers a safe and minimally invasive way to reshape your body by using a laser that melts away unwanted areas of fat and tightens the skin. While laser liposuction is a very popular procedure, Dr. Shu generally reserves this procedure for smaller areas of the body such as the chin/neck and upper arms, or for skin tightening in combination with Body-Jet liposuction. For patients who want to target larger areas of fat with sculpted results, Vaser Lipo is suggested.

* Minimum of three areas are treated starting at $2500 each. BMI and size guidelines apply to per area pricing.

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