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breast-14Scarless breast lifting is an innovative and effective technique that can help achieve defined and more youthful looking breasts using state-of-the-art ultrasound technology. This procedure is extremely effective in helping to contract skin and tissue, lifting the breast to a more ideal position.

As a master at combining art and medicine to sculpt the female form, Dr. Shu is the first physician to perform the Scarless Breast Lift in the Minnesota. Using groundbreaking technique and cutting edge technology, Dr.Shu offers a better alternative to traditional open breast lift surgery (Mastopexy).

By using these advanced liposculturing techniques (VASER ® Hi Def liposculpture) to remove fat in the breasts and the areas such as the underarm and upper abdomen, as well as directly underneath the breasts, Dr. Shu can contour your figure to create the right size and the enhanced, young looking breasts.

The human body has a natural defense mechanism that kicks in when the body experiences any trauma; scar tissue naturally contracts after healing. This is similar to how VASER Hi Def breast lift works.

Scarless breast lift offers advanced “internal” lifting using VASER technology that causes virtually no scarring. The skin is heated up, allowing it to contract and tighten. The breast is then lifted due to the tissues tightening.

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