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abd_22Dr. Shu has adopted a revolutionary minimally invasive approach to tummy tucks that can be safely and effectively performed as a surgical procedure completely under local tumescent anesthesia with conscious sedation. The technique, called RejuveTummy™ lipoabdominoplasty, combines two procedures—liposuction of the abdomen and a tummy tuck. Dr. Shu’s technique involves extensive liposuction and preserves the perforating vessels and Scarpa’s fascia, providing faster recovery time and better body contour with fewer complications compared to a traditional tummy tuck. By avoiding the use of general anesthesia or heavy sedation (and complications associated with this type of anesthesia), this new procedure offers an improved postoperative recovery.

The management of the belly button, skin incisions, and amount of skin removed are identical in both procedures. The tightening of the muscles can be performed with either procedure. However, Dr. Shu’s technique can remove a larger amount of fat, which can improve abdominal contour by thinning the fat layer considerably more compared to a traditional tummy tuck, while also decreasing the risks of skin necrosis. In addition, Dr. Shu’s approach does not require the use of traditional suction drains.

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