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breast-nippleStop being self-conscious about the appearance of your nipples! Millions of people experience deformed nipple appearance and opt for a nipple surgery procedure. This corrective surgery can be used for inverted nipples, nipples that are too large or too small, or nipples that do not project to the desired amount.

Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples can pose as both a cosmetic problem and a physical problem for women who are unable to breast feed properly due to the nipple inversion. Correcting inverted nipples typically involves incisions in the nipple to carefully separate constricted milk ducts, without damaging all milk ducts so that the patient can breast feed at a later time. Internal sutures are used to give the new projection added support, and a stent may be used after the procedure to help maintain an outward projection.

Areolar Reduction

The areola is the round part around the nipple’s base. While the areola can be naturally big for some women, others may want a new areola size to fit their breast augmentation or breast reduction procedures. Areolar reductions are performed using incisions either around the edge of the areola or around the base of the nipple. Excess skin is removed, and sutures are used for one week. A “lollipop” incision (around the areola with one vertical incision from the bottom of the areola to the base of the nipple) may be required for some patients.

Puffy Nipple Correction

Puffy nipples are continuously puffy, regardless of environment conditions. While often associated with Tubular Breast Deformity, puffy nipples can occur on their own as well. Men who participate in intensive weight training or gynecomastia may experience puffy nipples. The corrective procedure reduces the size of the areola, and internal sutures are used to help stabilize the new nipple shape.

Nipple reshaping is performed in the cosmetic doctor’s office. This operation can also be added to other procedures such as breast augmentation, breast reductions, lifts or gynecomastia treatments. Nipple reshaping includes risks such as infection, scarring, or inability to breast feed.

Nipple Reduction

Although nipple size is usually genetically determined, nipples can be enlarged through prolonged stimulation such as tugging, pinching, pulling, or piercing. Previous breast surgeries or nursing can also cause enlarged nipples. Women who opt for nipple reduction usually have nipples that are too large, garnering unwanted attention and causing clothes to fit uncomfortably.
Nipples may be too long and cause drooping or project too far out. With nipple reduction, the tip of the nipple can be removed and the new nipple length sutured for healing, or a middle strip around the neck of the nipple can be removed, with the tip sutured to the base. If nipples are too thick, a wedge can be removed from the nipple. These two procedures (nipple length and thickness) can be combined. A nipple reduction is usually performed for cosmetic purposes and not be covered by health insurance.

Nipple Enhancement Surgery Procedure and Recovery

Nipple reshaping surgery is a simple, minimally invasive procedure that can be performed at a doctor’s office under local anesthesia. Sedation is only required if the patient is undergoing a larger breast operation in addition to nipple reshaping surgery. In order to achieve the desired results, a touch-up appointments after the surgery may be needed since the nipples must heal symmetrically.

The post-operative period for a nipple reshaping procedure is short. Patients typically are able to return to work on the same day. Some patients may experience a loss of nipple sensation that lasts about a week. Scarring can be fixed using areola tattooing, which returns the dark pink shade to the scarred area.

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