The testimonials found on Shu Cosmetic Surgery have been sent to us by actual patients and may not reflect the typical patient’s experience and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. The testimonials are meant to be a showcase of the best results our practice has produced, and should not be taken as the results a typical patient will get.

“I Could Not Be More Happy with My Results”

Dr. Shu is amazing I could not be more happy with my results. He is very kind caring and patient,and really strives to give you the best results you can get. I highly recommend Dr. Shu and his staff.

– Dominique R. Minnesota

“Shu Cosmetic Surgery Is a Hidden Cosmetic Surgery Gem in the Cities!”

Dr. Shu is a true artist!! He exceeded my very high expectations and made the entire process of my lipo smooth. He puts in 100% during the actual procedure and the results show. The office staff are friendly and accommodating, and the operation costs are affordable. Overall, Shu Cosmetic Surgery is a hidden cosmetic surgery gem in the cities and I would recommend the clinic to anyone for both medical and cosmetic procedures.

– Jiameng W. Minnesota

“Lower Bleph Went Better than I could Have Ever Expected!”

Lower bleph went better than I could have ever expected! Scary, not sure what to expect, but with education and encouragement I healed extremely well!!! Dr. Shu left no, absolutely zero scars under my eyelids and I scar unfortunately easily! I’m going back for my next procedure in a heartbeat ! You don’t have that talent unless your good!!

– Cathy C Minnesota

“I had the best possible experience in every way! | Minnesota”

I believe that I had the best possible experience in every way from the initial consultation, the procedure, the preparation, and after visits. When I came for the consultation it had taken a year to get the courage to do so, and I wasn’t set on any decision, but Dr. Shu was very kind, engaging, and explained simply what he recommended, and why. Emily was very pleasant, kind, reassuring: the preparation was explained and all the instructions well written. The procedure itself was very impressive, and interesting. It was then when I realized all that was involved, and all the skill involved to do this! It was then also I probably realized the discount he so kindly gave me especially when I got off the table and saw all the equipment used on me! Wow! And also how personable both Dr. Shu and Emily were, and the sense of humor! And Emily also writing down the name of the classical music we listened to by Yo-Yo Ma, so I could purchase on i-tunes~ Such warmth and kindness all around, which I’ll always remember and appreciate”

– Dan H Minnesota

“I Thank Them for the Fantastic Results!”

After researching practices that perform natural breast augmentation, I found Dr. Shu’s office to have the highest reviews-and they were correct! Very pleasant staff, clean office and he was thorough in explaining the procedure. they listed to my concerns and were forward about getting the results I wanted. I would HIGHLY recommend Shu Cosmetic Surgery, and I thank them for the fantastic results!

– Rachael D Minnesota

“Perfection! Love My Results.”

Perfection! Love my results. I would strongly recommend Dr. Shu. Found him by accident when I googled. Glad I did. I will be coming back. Very Affordable, and professional. – Tara O Minnesota

“He is the Best!”

Had my face lift.and love it! Very good work and he is the best! – Louise E. Minnesota

“Dr. Shu Is an Amazing Doctor.”

Dr. Shu is an amazing doctor. He has a great bedside manner and he really cares about his patients. I began to see Dr. Shu a few years ago for cosmetic care and went back to his office for a medical procedure last year, and more recently, I had the skin laser treatment on my face. I could not have been happier with the work Dr. Shu did on both cosmetic and medical care. Complete professional, great staff and beautiful office! His staff is very friendly; I have never had any issues with any of them. I would, without a shadow of a doubt, not hesitate to recommend him, as I already have referred my friends in the past years. – Ychun X. Minnesota

“Thank You So Much For Restoring My Confidence!”

Dr. Shu and Staff make you feel very comfortable as soon as you walk in the door. Dr. Shu is very friendly and detailed oriented. I would go back with no hesitation. Thank you so much for restoring my confidence. – Lynnell L. Minnesota

“Dr. Shu Gave Me My Confidence Back!”

After two kids in 14 months, and a 50+ pound loss, I was feeling pretty good about myself except for my stomach. I was starting to look pretty thin in my clothes but had a noticeable “mom pooch” that ruined the confidence I had from losing weight. After my tummy tuck with liposuction, I can’t begin to describe the changes both physically and mentally. Dr. Shu gave me my confidence back! – B.H. Minnesota

“I am Pleased with the Entire Experience!”

The results were better than I expected. I am pleased with the entire experience. It was an excellent investment that has produced a youthful look I desired. – Tammy G Minnesota

“I am very happy with my results!”

I am very happy with my results, which look completely natural. I feel like it took 15 years off of my sagging, jowly 66 year-old face. Dr. Shu and staff were great, would highly recommend! – A. E. Minnesota

“Love My Results!!”

Love my results!! Absolutely amazing!! Thank you, Dr. Shu for helping me boost my confidence. – B. S. Minnesota

“Dr. Shu was the Best Doctor for My Surgery.”

Dr. Shu was the best doctor for my surgery. I was never afraid and from the beginning. I had complete confidence in him. I would recommend him to everyone! I am very happy with my new figure. – Tracy M. MInnesota

“I had an Excellent Experience”

I had an excellent experience. Dr.Shu did a wonderful job. His staff is caring and efficient. – Kathy Kelehan Minnesota

“Dr. Shu was very Professional and Knowledgeable.”

Dr. Shu was very professional and knowledgeable. His confidence in explaining what he planned to do made me feel confidnt in choosing to go with him. His staff was very nice and friendly. I would recommend Dr. Shu to my friends and family. My breast lift looks wonderful. – Kris Cich Minnesota

“Extremely Happy with the Procedure & Result”

I am extremely happy with the procedure and the result. I wish I had had my prior procedure done here years ago! – Mark Romanoff Minnesota

“I would Recommend Him to Family & Friends”

Dr. Shu took sufficient time with me to answer questions and help me understand the procedure he would be doing on me. As the result of the surgery, I am very happy with the outcome. I would recommend him to family and friends. I would also like to add that the nurses were very nice and helpful and caring. – Sally P Minnesota

“I would Highly recommend Dr. Shu”

I have been a patient of Dr. Shu for several years. I have continued to experience a friendly, kind, and caring staff. Dr. Shu is professional and knowledgeable as well as easy to talk to. I would highly recommend Dr. Shu. – Teresa W. Minnesota

“I won’t Recommend Anyone else!”

I would never go anywhere else for anything cosmetic. Dr. Shu and his staff are so knowledgeable about everything they are talking about! I won’t recommend anyone else! – G. A. Minnesota

“I am very Happy with My Lipo.”

I knew exactly what I wanted from my liposuction surgery and Dr. Shu was able to provide expert advice and showed confidence in his ability to give me the best results possible. I am very happy with my lipo. I look better and feel better with or without clothes. – I. C. Minnesota

“Now My Skin is Smoother and My Confidence is Through the Roof .”

I had a wonderful experience with the staff and work performed by Dr.Shu , I am African American and its been hard to find effective treatments for my Acne scars, i tried dermabrasion , derma pen, and to be honest i was skeptical about under going laser surgery and the risks involved with hyper pigmentation. Dr.Shu’s office has a warm inviting staff and his vast knowledge of how to treat my condition reassured me i was in good hands. Now my Skin is smoother and My confidence is through the roof . Thanks Dr.Shu ! – Phil M. Minnesota

“My Breast Size Changed from an A to a D, Beautiful and Natural””

The staff at Shu Cosmetic Surgery provides exceptional care & service. I could not be happier with the outcome of Dr. Shu’s fat transfer procedure. My breast size changed from an A to a D, beautiful and natural. – M. A Minneosta

“Everything is the Best!”

Everything is the best! Great Care! Dr. Shu is very patient with me! – W. S. Minnesota

“I saw results immediately.”

My experience was terrific. I came in nervous and cautious – would I regret this? But the staff and Dr. Shu were great answered all my questions and listened closely to my concerns. The procedure was quick and I saw results immediately. No regrets! – K. L. Minnesota

“I am very happy with the result of my facial cosmetic surgery.”

Every staff in the clinic is very caring and friendly, especially Dr. Shu. He explains everything in detail, every visit. His surgical skills are also exceptional. I am very happy with the result of my facial cosmetic surgery. Moreover, Shu Cosmetic Surgery is a high quality surgical center equipped with cutting edge technologies. In summary, I had a comfortable, safe, and friendly experience. Thank Dr. Shu and his staff’s excellent work. – Y. L. Minnesota

“I would recommend Dr. Shu highly as a trusted and experienced cosmetic surgeon.”

I have had two procedures performed at the clinic and have been very happy with my results. The doctor and staff do a great job of setting realistic expectations of the procedure and results. I would recommend Dr. Shu highly as a trusted and experienced cosmetic surgeon. – G.D. Minneosta

“I have been very please with the results.”

I have had several surgical procedures completed by Dr. Shu, and I have been very pleased with the results. – J.K. Minnesota

“Dr. Shu is a true professional surgeon”

Dr. Shu did a wonderful transformation on my face. He is a true professional surgeon. Thank you very much. – J. N. Minnesota

“Dr. Shu is a wonderful patient advocate”

Dr. Shu and his staff are wonderful. I knew exactly what was going to happen in my procedure which eased my anxiety. Dr. Shu is a wonderful patient advocate, I wanted more than the usual fat transfer amount (the biggest he has done so far) and he advocated for me and we got it accomplished! VERY impressed with results so far and have already told my friends about Dr. Shu. – Kristi Simmons Minnesota

“Dr. Shu is a true professional who really cares about his patients”

My overall experience at Shu Cosmetic Surgery was excellent! Dr. Shu is a true professional who really cares about his patients and is doing the best job he can. He goes over and above what other doctors do, along with the added personality and kindness so many lack. The staff was amazing and very friendly. I will only go back to Shu Cosmetic Surgery for any future needs. It is a medical business you can really trust! Thank you all for everything that was done to make my experience such a positive one! – S.D. Minnesota

“Dr.Shu is just an all around first class professional”

I am a 41 year-old male who had high definition lipo of the abdomen, flanks, and lower back over one year ago. I cannot express how pleased I am with Dr. Shu’s work. To make a long story short, I had battled, since I was a youth, stubborn pockets of fat that seemed to be resistant to every type of exercise and diet. Even as an avid “fitness buff” I just could not get rid of my gut, no matter how much cardio and dieting I did. It took me seven years to finally make the decision to have the surgery done. I was initially looking for standard liposuction when I met with Dr. Shu regarding another condition. I was shocked when I found out Dr. Shu was the first in the state to offer high definition liposuction. I wanted that classic “6 pack” that I had been trying for all my life. Today I can see my abdominal definition for the first time in my life. The reason I highly recommend Dr Shu is: First, he actually took the time to be very honest with me about what to expect and what not to expect. He listened to my concerns and answered every question I asked him with great honesty and integrity. Secondly, he did not come off as a businessman, but rather a doctor whose first priority was the quality of his work. His fees were very reasonably priced compared to other doctors I had seen who were quick to discuss their much higher than average fees up front. All in all the quality of Dr. Shu’s work speaks for itself and is very reasonably priced. Not to mention, he is just an all around first class professional. The actual surgery was a very positive experience. I was so impressed with how professional and caring his surgical staff was in the surgery room. They made me feel right at home. Before I knew it the surgery was over and I was on the road to recovery. Lastly, let me just say how important it is when choosing a surgeon to choose wisely. I have heard many unfortunate stories from individuals who had substandard cosmetic surgery. If I were to do it all over again I would have no reservations about selecting Dr. Shu. My self-esteem is much better and I feel so much better about my body. I realize the doctor removed a “package” of fat, which might have never been removed by exercise alone due to a handicapped metabolism. The liposuction has helped my overall health and my self-image, as well as having long-term benefits (alleviating or eliminating type-2 diabetes later in my life). The ongoing battle to maintain my weight has been completely rehauled since my surgery. I work out regularly to keep the health and tone of my body, and my diet consists of eating protein and healthy portions. Being “3-4″ slimmer in the waist is great incentive! If anything, the process has served to increase my resolution to becoming the best I can be. Sincerely, J.F. St. Paul, MN

“The end result in all three procedures exceeded my expectations”

I am a 69 year old lady that recently had a “Thigh Lift” performed by Dr. Shu. I am highly pleased with the result. Although I am within about 10 pounds of what the weight chart says I should be for my age and height, I tend to carry extra weight in my upper arms and thigh area. I do jog 2 miles a day 5 days a week in an effort to stay reasonably fit and toned. Whereas this effort probably did help to tone my legs to some extent, still- the inner thigh area remained excessively flabby and unattractive. I can wear a skirt/dress and look quite nice- but to wear blue jeans ( or trousers of any kind) as just about every female in America does these days- I would automatically appear to be heavier than what I actually am. “So what- some of you might say if you read my letter- isn’t it about having fun and forgetting how one looks in a pair of blue jeans?” Well, as hard as I would try to adapt to that attitude, it did bother me. I would return to wearing my skirts and kind of “standing out” and not in a good way (is the way it felt to me) when out @ the mall or in most casual social situations. I previously have had several procedures performed on me by Dr. Shu. He performed a “Mini Face Lift” on me several years ago and the result is very good. Thank you, Dr. Shu! In the summer of 2012, Dr. Shu performed a “Vaser Scarless Breast Reduction” on me.The result is not only visually more appealing in the way I look in clothes (well, not jeans) but almost completely diminished constant pain from a permanent upper right shoulder soft tissue injury sustained in a car accident some years ago. People have commented how much better I look but cannot seem to put their finger on why it might be. Probably the fact that my facial expression is no longer grimaced in constant pain is a huge contributing factor, I would think. Thank you, Dr. Shu! Now it felt that I wanted to complete my new look by having a “Thigh Lift” and feeling comfortable in the way I look in jeans. I did not for a moment consider seeking out another surgeon. When one has had two previous very positive experiences with both the surgeon and his staff, why change? Dr. Shu, true to form, performed his magic once again! I recently put on a pair of “skinny jeans” and look plain right down good in them. It has never been my goal to look years younger. I do not mind looking my age- I just want to look good for my age. With the help of Dr. Shu and his amazing skill as a cosmetic surgeon, I think I have achieved that. Thank you, Dr. Shu! I just want to say to all you folks out there desiring a cosmetic procedure, Dr. Steven Shu is the surgeon for you! I have had a total of three very good experiences and complete satisfaction with the outcome with Dr. Shu and his caring, competent staff. I really cannot sing their praises enough! Dr. Shu is completely honest. In all three of my cosmetic procedures, Dr. Shu did not promise anything that he did not deliver. The end result in all three procedures exceeded my expectations and I am very happy. Thank you Dr. Shu! – S.A. Minneapolis

“I would refer my friends to Dr. Shu.”

Dr. Shu and staff were always friendly, knowledgeable and on time. I feel that I was treated with respect and my concerns were addressed as they arose. The recovery time didn’t take very long, as explained before-hand. The end result looked great, and I am a satisfied customer. I would refer my friends to Dr. Shu. – SK

“Everything is five star”

I am very happy with Dr. Shu and his wonderful assistants and staff. The procedure went smooth and the results are more than expected. Follow up is wonderful. I would not consider going anywhere else. The people, the cost, the results, everything is five star. – L.P. Minnesota

“I will definitely continue to use his services for all my needs.”

I had suffered through and recovered from a liposuction procedure elsewhere that was a complete nightmare with several complications in recovery. I was definitely not satisfied with the work done and I decided to visit Dr. Shu for a consultation. I was completely impressed by his expertise and felt completely at ease with his knowledge of the subject. He advised that I needed more lipo and a mini tummy tuck to repair the work previously done. I knew that I was not an easy case, after 4 pregnancies with 2 cesarean sections, my age of 61 and the previous liposuction has left me with loose skin and areas of scarred fat that would not go away. Once I scheduled the appointment, everything completely as planned. The procedure was quick, professional and much than I anticipated. I was utterly amazed at the ease of recovery this time and the professionalism of all the personnel involved in my procedure. Five days after the procedure, the outcome has already made a tremendous change in my torso and, I know that once I have completely recuperated, it will be a definite improvement of a condition that I have lived with for over 40 years. I can actually consider wearing a two piece bathing suit. I regret not seeing Dr. Shu from the beginning and would recommend him to anyone interested in any kind of elective cosmetic surgery. He is an expert in his field, meticulous in his work and completely honest. I will definitely continue to use his services for all my needs.

“Dr. Shu truly makes his cosmetic surgery the tops of the country!”

Dr. Shu and his staff are very great and professional! He is very much a perfectionist and it shows from his staff to his expert treatment. Dr. Shu truly makes his cosmetic surgery the tops of the country!

“This place is fantastic!”

My experience at Shu Cosmetics was great. The staff were friendly and willing to answer any questions I had. Dr. was great as well. He always was thorough with questions and my procedure. With Dr. Shu’s work, I am now able to wear the swimsuit of my choice with no embarrassment. Overall, this place is fantastic!

“I would definitely come back again”

I would recommend Dr.Shu to anyone. Very good doctor with great experience. The staff in the office is great, especially Bonnie. Everyone made me feel comfortable. Everyone was very professional and the new office looks amazing. I would definitely come back again.
Great job Dr.Shu – K.M.

“I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Shu to anyone desiring a cosmetic procedure.”

I am a 69 year old lady that recently had a Vaser Scarless Breast Reduction procedure performed by Dr. Steven Shu. Although I had previously had breast-reduction surgery some years ago, unfortunately, all of the fatty tissue around the breast area had returned in full-force and then some. I have an upper right shoulder permanent soft-tissue injury sustained in a car accident some years ago. I was in constant pain from the extra weight of the fatty breast tissue. In addition, I had quite a bit of visible scarring from the previous reduction surgery. I can tell you that Dr. Shu is a true miracle worker. Not only is the pain almost non-existent but I am left with a “feminine” appearance and look nice in my clothes. Dr. Shu was able to position my breasts so that the scars from the previous surgery are hardly visible. Dr. Shu also performed a Mini Face-Lift on me several years ago. I have a wonderful result and am very pleased. Dr. Steven Shu, in my opinion, is a skilled surgeon, an artist-if you will, of the highest caliber. Dr. Shu excels in his profession. I would also like to comment that the staff working with Dr. Shu are competent, professional, but yet kind (even when I was a little grumpy.) The staff, that I had contact with, is consistently pleasant and supportive. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Shu to anyone desiring a cosmetic procedure. –
S.A. Minneapolis

“I will recommend Dr. Shu time and time again!”

In 2011 I had a Full Lipoabdominoplasty after having loose skin after my 2 pregnancies. Dr Shu and his staff were FANTASTIC! I am very pleased with their customer service and with my results! I also had a Breast Augmentation with saline breast implants to fill out my deflated breasts post pregnancy I am VERY please with my results:) I will recommend Dr. Shu time and time again!
K. D.

“January 2012”

I came to you to help me to find some semblance of what I once was before I gave birth to 3 children in random succession (30 years ago). I was blessed with beautiful, healthy babies and for that I am thankful. However, the havoc it played with my midsection was difficult to hide in any style of pants. Oh, sure, I worked out on a regular basis and actually had a decent muscular abdominal wall. The problem wasn’t with muscle, however. It lied in the extra stretched out skin that lay upon that muscular wall. And, by the way, while breastfeeding your baby is so perfect for that precious life you brought into this world , it’s not exactly the formula for looking perfect in the low-cut blouse. Little did I know that when I came to you for a mere chop off the extra skin that was hanging around my c-section, I would ultimately come away with so much more than I initially bargained for. I ended up having a mini tummy tuck with some laser fat removal and then they took that bit of fat and replaced it (breast fat transfer) in the breasts that just happened to be depleted from serving those said babies. What an amazing concept and, even more so, how organic! Using one’s own fat to plump up areas that have been depleted over years! No embarrassing moments at the mammogram test when you have to tell them you had a breast augmentation. Of course, I’m no Pamela Anderson but you have made me a firm (no pun intended) believer. I actually fill in the skin that was left over from the child bearing years. Not only did the surgery (not so uncomfortable as one would think) go swimmingly but the recovery was, seriously, so much quicker than I had expected. Yes, I sought you out and paid for a service you were to provide but I am sincere when I tell you that I am more than pleased with the whole procedure. From the moment I came to your office for the initial consultation, your staff was professional and courteous. I remember thinking that if the doctor was condescending and smug, I was walking out. I love when I’m wrong. There was no one in your office that was remotely smug or condescending. Just friendly, sincere staff. You, Dr Shu, were really impressive. I knew you were confident but I also sensed you were a pleaser. I was sold. And, likewise, I was not disappointed. I am truly embarrassed that I didn’t contact you before now. I have, seriously, thought of you so many times since this surgery and praised your name but just haven’t taken the time to write you. Thank you SO much for your work. I know you did your best during my surgery and it shows. I’m not a spring chicken but, dangit, if I don’t feel kind of sassy!!!! Thank you for your hard work, your expertise and employing a support staff that embodies the tenets of your philosophy. I am so thankful to have come upon your name in my online research and hope others get that same opportunity. Seriously, Dr. Shu, Thank you.

“November 2011”

I have had several procedures done by Dr Shu, including laser vaginal rejuvenation with labiaplasty and perineoplasty, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve never had to wait more than ten minutes to see him, and I’ve never felt rushed when discussing my options with him. He and his staff have always been friendly and made me feel comfortable. His ability to perform cosmetic surgical procedures that were once offered only under general anesthesia have given many patients a safer and more economic alternative that still gives fantastic results.

“September 2011”

I am writing because the care I received from Dr Shu and his staff was exceptional. I had a tummy tuck and liposuction done in April and could not be happier. I have wanted to do this for many years but I waited and now I am so glad I did. I don’t think I could have gone anywhere else and received the results I have. Dr Shu, Sarah and Bonnie have been over the top in my care. They took the time to explain each step to me and made sure I understood. They made follow calls to ensure my comfort and health. I would recommend Dr Shu and his staff to anyone who is looking for a facility that truly having you walking out with the confidence we all want. Thank you Dr Shu – you truly are the best!!

“June 2011”

Thank you so much for the incredible service you and your staff provided me in November of 2010. My confidence and zest for living has been restored! All of your staff are wonderful, but Sonya Stelmachuk should be commended for her professionalism and genuine caring. It is so nice to be treated as a person. You, Sonya and your entire staff go out of your way to do just that. Thank you again, for your professionalism, care and concern, it is rare in today’s world.
James F.

“June 2011”

I had natural breast augmentation with fat transfer and Vaser Hi Def LipoSculpture performed on my stomach in 2010. I was a little skeptical at first, but once I had the procedures done, all my worries were gone. It’s been almost a year, and I can say that there is a very noticeable difference in the appearance of my breasts; my stomach also looks great. Dr. Shu is a true artist, as well as an extremely professional and detailed surgeon. Not only do I feel more confident now, it’s also exciting to know that if I plan to further enhance my breasts in the future, I can do so by using the newest fat transfer technology.

“March 2011”

The months I participated in the laser treatment combined with the aftercare greatly improved my skin, and have continued to gradually get better. At first I was afraid; the word “laser” is a frightening one. After my first treatment I had no idea what I had been afraid of. The pain was very minimal especially factoring in that I had seen results almost instantly. My skin has improved so much and is continuing to show improvement with the face wash. I am so grateful to be a part of this experimental process.

“November 2010”

“Thank you” seems inadequate as I try to express my gratitude to you. You and all your staff have treated me with great respect and kindness. I have always felt comfortable through everything. I especially want to thank you for the extra surgery time you gave me and the perfect, beautiful new body and leg. You are an angel and a gifted, inspired surgeon!! God bless you always!! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Just a note of thanks for all you have done in such a short amount of time since my first call to you! In less than a year I have sexy body and a whole new leg..LOL! I have been wanting this for a long time, but there was always an issue that prevented me from actually going through with it….I think as you get older, you worry less about those things that prevent you from doing things and you say, “This isn’t about anyone but ME!” I wanted to feel complete. Now I can finally wear clothes that compliment my body. I want to thank you for your encouragement throughout my procedure and better decision. Thank you so much for your expertise, advice and professionalism. From the moment I wanted into the office I felt completely cared for and in good hands. I love the new look and feel like 42 isn’t going to be so bad after all! I would like to thank you for making my experience such a positive one. It’s wonderful to be around such positive, upbeat, kind Doc. and the ladies! It was so nice to be your patient and your staff and you are such a great team. My life has changed. People keep giving me compliments. Thanks a lot for your patience. I can’t say enough about Dr. Shu and his staff. ALL of them are wonderful, respectful and kind. I was made to feel comfortable every step of the way. Words cannot explain how happy I am with everything Dr. Shu has done for me. I have been treated like an individual and Dr. Shu has listened to me and explained to me. He is the BEST! I never once felt as though I was just a number. All you are quite professional, yet loving and caring…a rare combination in today’s medical environment! I felt as though my heart was as well cared for as my body! It has been pleasure being cared for by such great people!! I was truly impressed with Dr. Shu’s skill as a surgeon and as human being. He answered all my of my questions and did a fantastic job on the surgery.
Aman V

“November 2010”

I was very impressed with the time Dr. Shu spent with me discussing my expectations and my options to achieve the results I wanted. The nursing staff was very warm and put me a ease immediately. Enhancing or rejuvenating oneself can be a stressful decision, but Dr. Shu and his staff made it easy from day one. Even financing was simple! I was shocked by how quickly I healed and saw results. The body line I wanted was apparent within just a couple weeks. I am thrilled with my results!

“October 2010”

After I read the advertising about Dr. Steven Shu’s experience and the variety of procedures he’s performing, I knew I would be in very good hands. I had two procedures: neck liposuction and fat transfer to my face from my back. My face and neck look much younger and tighter, and my friends have noticed that too. I look great! Thank you, Dr. Shu, Sarah and Bonnie, you are a great team and I’ll be your big advocate to my aging friends.
Liza E

“June 2010”

Thank you for the excellent cosmetic work you have done for me, including the Profractional laser treatment, filler injections, and most recently, the mini facelift. All procedures provided me results beyond my expectations! It is true what I have heard about you: that you are extremely passionate about what you do, are highly skilled, and a perfectionist, with an “artistic” eye for true cosmetic beauty. As far as my mini face lift, I was truly amazed that you were able to create a far superior outcome than I had received from another highly regarded cosmetic surgeon years earlier. You actually corrected and restored my more natural-looking earlobes, and completely eliminated my jowls. I now have a jaw line that I haven’t seen in 20 years! And yet though I look and consequently feel younger, you left me with such a natural look, that my friends just think the reason “I look so good,” is that I’ve lost weight. Thanks to you and your professional team, you have restored my faith in the artistry of cosmetic enhancement, and consequently I will confidently and happily refer your services to others.


“March 2010”

Mirror, mirror on the wall….I was no longer the youthful woman I recognized looking back at me, at all. My days of basking in the sun left an over abundance of freckles and brown splotchy skin patches, wrinkles and sagging skin. My youthful look had grown older and tired looking. Researching facial rejuvenation options I discovered the Rejuvelaser Skin & Lipo Clinic. In my complimentary consultation with Dr. Shu we addressed my concerns, goals and expectations. My facial enhancement truly has been his goal. His professional cosmetic and artistic evaluation recommended to me the ProFractional laser resurfacing. He assured me I would see subtle changes for a more youthful appearance and that I did. Every step of the procedure was thoroughly explained. Explicit directions were given to me for home care with an invitation to call the office if I had any concerns. Home followup and care went well and each day was more thrilling than the last when the visible changes emerged. My skin tone, texture and wrinkles dramatically improved. The treatment removed years of freckles and age spots. In fact, one morning while cleansing, right before my eyes, I wiped away a large brown spot that had plagued me for a long time. There was minimal interruption to my busy schedule. Seeing the process really work has been exciting. Dr. Shu gave me back my confidence. I look and feel refreshed and natural. Now, I can again identify with the person looking back at me in the mirror as the person I want to look like…and people notice. Dr. Shu and his staff were highly professional and caring throughout the procedure and most welcoming and friendly on my return followup visits. They have a dedicated passion for delivering service, skill, perfection, integrity and honesty.
Jean J

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