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Tattoo_1Laser tattoo removal is performed with a 1064 laser and works best on black, blue and green ink. Removal typically requires about 12 treatments at an interval of every 6 weeks, depending on the amount of color and ink forming the tattoo. Removal time also depends on one’s lymphatic system, as some areas of the lymphatic system drain better than other areas. The laser breaks up the wall that the body has created to hold the ink in place. The tattoo gradually fades over time as the lymphatic system flushes away ink with each treatment. Because the body builds up a new wall for the remaining ink, a series of treatments is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of laser tattoo removal?
The cost of laser tattoo removal depends on the size of the tattoo. The price will be quoted during your complimentary consultation.

Are there any complications with the laser removal?
Complications are limited with laser tattoo removal. The majority of patients do not experience complications. Scarring is rare. Darkening of the skin, usually temporary, may occur. The majority of people who experience skin darkening are of Asian ethnicity.

Will the tattoo be removed completely?
We will keep working on your tattoo until it is completely removed, or until you are satisfied. Our laser does effective work on black, blue and green inks.

Is laser tattoo removal painful?
We will make it as pain-free as possible by using a topical numbing solution and possibly a lidocaine block.

How do I care for it afterwards?
You will be given instructions on how to care for your tattoo. You will need to apply Bacitracin Ointment to the treated area for two days, or until healed if there is blistering or a break in the skin. You may use a band-aid so the area does not get scratched or irritated. You may shower but can only gently dab the treated area.

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