Anal Tag Removal for Rejuvenation

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Anal deformities are common and may be caused by a wide range of conditions; Most conditions are benign, commonly due to prolapsed internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, anal tags, anal polyp, sentinel pile, anal skin folds, and anal warts. Laser anal cosmetic surgery is a cosmetic procedure developed by the anorectal expert, Dr. Steven Shu, to specifically address anal deformities in a minimal invasive fashion.

Patients undergoing anal cosmetic surgery will first meet for a consultation and may choose to receive the muscle relaxant 1-2 weeks prior to the procedure. The procedure is typically performed in an office under a local anesthetic.

If the patients have significant internal hemorrhoids, they should consider treating internal hemorrhoids with infra-red coagulation (IRC) before considering anal cosmetic surgery or combined with anal tag removal procedure. Anal fissure patients may directly benefit from anal cosmetic surgery without a separate surgery.

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