Lunch Break Lipo

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Introduction | Before & After

1 visit • 1 area • 1 hour • Walk in and out • $2130

Before scheduling a Lunch Break Lipo:
(1) Initial consultation is not required. Our staff will make pre-procedure phone call.

(2) Download the Lunch Break Lipo Forms and the Lunch Break Lipo_packet, fill out the demographic form, review the instructions, and consents. Bring all the forms with you to your appointment. You may also review more information at our Lunch Break Lipo page.

(3) Payment must be done at time of scheduling. No driver is needed for this procedure!
Lunch Break Lipo

Advantage of Lunch Break Lipo

  • No hospitalization, no general anesthesia
  • No intravenous or oral sedation
  • Walk in, walk out, 30 to 45 minute procedure
  • Limited to one area (two zones)
  • Return to normal activities immediately

Now Dr. Steven Shu is offering the Lunch Break Lipo done during your lunch hour. The hour-long liposuction procedure uses the new lipo technologies to melt away unsightly pockets of fat.

Lunch Break Lipo is so minimally invasive that the patient remains awake during the liposuction and can even return to normal activities when it is over. Our lipo technologies and techniques are much safer and more precise than the crude fat extraction from the past. The laser or Vaser Lipo system is an impressive technology that maximizes fat extraction without compromising your comfort and safety. It uses laser or focused ultrasound energy to selectively get rid of fat cells without effecting very much of the surrounding veins, nerves, and tissue. This results in faster healing and less downtime. . It also helps to tighten skin. This is why Lunch break Lipo can be performed effectively and efficiently without any sedation.

It has taken Dr. Shu almost 1,000 liposuction procedures to prefect his technique, and now he can comfortably work on just about any part of the body without any sedation or with minimal sedation. The most common areas for Lunch Break Lipo are neck, upper arms, hips, inner thighs, and lower back.

The Lunch Break Lipo usually takes 30 to 45 minutes to finish the liposuction in each area. The lipo area is given local tumescent anesthesia, but no general anesthesia or intravenous or oral sedation. The patients walk in and walk out in an hour, and may return to normal activities immediately. The Lunch Break Lipo is limited to one area (two zones). If the patients need the liposuction in more than two areas (four zones), or the abdomen or on a large body, then oral or intravenous sedation will be given.

The patients may schedule a lunch break lipo without the initial consultation, the patients may send their pictures for review, and one of staff will call the patient to go through everything before the procedure. If the patients have the consultation first, the patient may consider having the same day procedure right away if Dr. Shu’s schedule is workable.

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