As a service to our patients, we offer scientifically backed supplements. Qivana has three botanical based synergistic systems to promote better health and wellness. Each system has its own benefits and advantages over the other. Many times patients are on more than one system as they progress through different therapies.

Qore system

Our Qore system supports healthy blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol regulation, and it provides anti-oxidants to promote healing and overall well being. The Qore system also includes a probiotic supplementation to promote healthy digestion.

Qore Essentials primary ingredient is Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, meaning the “immortality herb”. It is a sleeve of powder which is poured onto the tongue and is immediately absorbed through the mucosa. It is a healthy and economic exchange for addictive energy drinks and/or coffee. The system also complements diet and exercise along with the hormone therapies that we offer.

Qore Probiotic is a once daily capsule that delivers active bacteria to populate the gut, promoting healthy digestion and nutrient absorption, reduced lactose intolerance, protecting the intestines from overgrowth and infestation of “bad” bacteria. This product may also be used to keep the stomach happy despite pre and post operative antibiotics and pain medications.

Qore Detox is a combination of botanical ingredients which gently and naturally pull toxins from the body. It may be used after surgery to rid the body and gut of heavy metals and free radicals. One or two capsules taken each night works with the probiotics to flush out the toxins that cause the body to hold onto protective water and fat; this allows patients to lose weight without GI distress, bloating, diarrhea or constipation.


This system contains meal replacement bars and shakes and is coupled with two supplements to boost your metabolism and resist sweets. The bars and shakes have branched chain amino acids (BCAA) that fuel the body and keep it in a catabolic state. This helps to wipe out carb addiction and retrain the body to crave healthy foods. The shakes are delicious and only have 220 calories with 29 grams of protein. They are whey based and available in chocolate and vanilla. Our 180 calorie protein/energy bars come in chocolate, lemon and peanut butter. These are great, “safe” snacks for anyone who is watching their calories or needs a portable tasty treat.

Also included in our Metaboliq system is a botanical Metaboliq Boost supplement to kick your metabolic rate up by providing a thermogenic effect which accelerates fat loss. Lastly, the Metaboliq Resist blocks your ability to taste or absorb sweets for 1-2 hours, which is great for blocking calories after dinner or during nervous snacking.

PRIME system

Our Nitric Oxide Activator (N-O) is our secret weapon against cardiovascular problems. It immediately improves the circulation to the brain, heart, muscles and sexual organs with obvious benefits. It is superior to other N-O activators as it addresses the issue by multiple pathways instead of just L-arginine. This system is great for practically anyone, including patients who have elevated blood pressure and stress as well as those that are healthy and athletic.

PRIME is a tasty, powder on which makes the product very portable. Best of all, there is a quick, easy, and inexpensive salivary assay with each box that shows when we are N-O deficient and when the product has worked to increase our N-O level. No other product offers that immediate scientific, visual quantification. There is much research with science based articles written on the importance of N-O. PRIME is now the gold standard for naturally enhancing your N-O level.

As you can see, these products were designed to work together. The Metaboliq system is great for those having liposuction or Liposonix to optimize their procedure results. Other patients that are interested in wellness and overall health will really like our Qore system. Each system has its own unique advantages for augmenting your lifestyle or preparing and/or recovering from procedures.

Patients can purchase Qivana products at our office or go to our website: http://www.onestopwellness.myqivana.com and become a preferred customer. Feel free to contact us for more information on how to implement this great product line into your healthy lifestyle!

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