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The basic premise of our Appetite Controlled Diet is eating foods low in fat and high in fiber and/or protein. The glycemic index (GI) is a tool to tell you how quickly a food turns into sugar in your system. Foods with a high GI spike your blood sugar rapidly, while foods with a low GI have the least effect. In general, it’s best to limit high GI foods such as refined carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, cereal and rice, as well as soda, candy, and snack foods. The focus instead should be on low GI type foods such as high-fiber complex carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, and various types of meat and fish. These types of foods help keep blood sugar levels even because they are digested more slowly, thus providing lasting energy and helping you stay full longer.

Our Appetite Controlled Diet consists of eating 3 meals per day and snacks when hungry. You are able to eat fruits, vegetables, whole-grains (such as bread, cereal, pasta), and a healthful type of protein each day! Our diet is tailored to you, because at your initial visit we go over the diet and determine your specific calorie needs. We help you learn what the best foods are to eat, and how many servings you should have per day. Our diet plan gives you examples which will help you stick the diet without restricting too many foods. Many say that they don’t even feel like they are on a diet when they start our program because the foods they are eating help them feel full longer and there are very few limitations.

Who cannot do this diet?

Certain people should not do this diet:

  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • Heart disease or history of heart attack
  • Cancer currently
  • Major diseases of the liver or kidneys
  • Pregnant, breast feeding, or trying to get pregnant.
  • Hyperthyroid (untreated)
  • Glaucoma/Cataracts
  • History of drug or alcohol abuse
  • On other stimulants/anorexiants
  • History of malignancy/cancer or eating disorder in the last five years
  • Bariatric operation
  • On SSRI medication for anxiety/depression

What is the cost of the Appetite Controlled Diet program and what does it include?

The first month of our Appetite Controlled Diet program costs $299. You will receive…

  • FREE bottle of Vitamins (2 month supply) at first visit ($30 value)
  • FREE box of protein shakes or bars ($14 value)
  • FREE body fat and metabolic analysis testing at the first visit ($60 value)
  • Appetite suppressant medication supply for 30 days (if able)
  • Glycemic Index user ‘s manual/diet guide
  • Blood work billed to insurance

Subsequent months of the Appetite Controlled Diet program cost is $199. You will receive…

  • Appetite suppressant medication supply for 30 days
  • FREE box of shakes or bars ($14 value) at each follow-up refill
  • One repeat body fat and metabolic analysis testing after 3 months of the program($60 value)
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