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What are the indications for Anal Tag Removal for Rejuvenation?
Patients who experience any anal deformities that may or may not involve anal symptoms should consider anal tag removal procedure. Patients who have had prior hemorrhoid treatments and now require additional treatments for cosmetic reasons are also good candidates.

What are the intended results?
Anal deformities and anal symptoms will either improve or disappear completely. Patients will see a more youthful appearance with smoother and flatter opening in the anus.

How is the procedure performed?
Under local anesthesia, the anal deformities are corrected by removing external hemorrhoids, anal tags and polyp, sentinel pile, redundant anal skin folds, and anal warts. The wounds are then closed with sutures or leave open for secondary healing to achieve good cosmetic results. The patient will also need to follow the post-operative anal care instructions.

Is the procedure truly painless?
Yes, Dr. Shu has developed a special protocol and medications to guarantee a near painless procedure and minimize the post-operative discomfort and pain. Dr. Shu will explain to you at the consultation how each painless step of the procedure is achieved.

What is the difference between Anal Tag Removal for Rejuvenation and hemorrhoid surgery?
Anal Tag Removal for Rejuvenation is a near pain-free procedure with a special protocol that focuses more on one’s anal appearance. In addition to removing the existing external hemorrhoids, Anal Tag Removal for Rejuvenation also removes other anal growths, such as anal tags, anal polyp, sentinel pile, anal skin folds, and anal warts. The post-operative pain is minimal, whereas traditional hemorrhoid surgery removes the advanced internal hemorrhoids and focuses more on the symptoms relieve. The traditional hemorrhoidectomy is usually performed in the hospital, and is usually associated with significant post-operative pain.

Does insurance cover this procedure?
No, insurance does not cover the costs for Anal Tag Removal for Rejuvenation because it is a cosmetic procedure. However, insurance usually covers the cost of traditional treatments of symptomatic hemorrhoids.

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