Laser Hair Removal FAQ

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Does it work for gray or blond hair?
Until recently, a person with fair or gray hair was not a good candidate for laser hair removal. This was because laser light is absorbed by pigment. Previous lasers had a shorter wavelength and did not penetrate the skin as deeply.

Consequently if the skin had much pigment; it absorbed more of the laser light, reducing the laser’s effectiveness for hair removal. People with dark hair and fair skin were the best candidates. The 1064nd:yag Laser’s longer wavelength can safely pass through all skin colors without being significantly absorbed.

It is still true that people with gray or blond hair have less of a response to laser hair removal than people with darker hair. But each case is unique. It will help if your skin is not tanned. If you have light-colored hair, don’t assume that you’re not a good candidate. Call for a complimentary laser hair removal consultation.

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