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What is Aquashape liposuction with Body Jet technology?

AquaShape is a revolutionary new liposuction using body jet technology that uses gentle water-based fat removal system. The technique permanently removes fat cells, but also promotes skin tightening for superior, more sculpted results. The system provides excellent results, with less bruising and swelling, and minimal patient downtime.

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What areas can be treated with AquaShape liposuction?

Just about any area with excessive fat can be treated with AquaShape liposuction. The most common areas to address problem areas are the abdomen, back, hips, thighs, arms and under the chin. More than one area can be treated during the same visit.

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How much does AquaShape cost?

AquaShape is approx $1000-$1500 per zone. Abdomen is 4 zones, arms are 2 zones, inner thighs are 2 zones, and outer thighs are 2 zones.

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Where and how is AquaShape performed?

AquaShape is performed with body Jet technology in our state of the art surgical suite. It is performed in a sterile environment under local anesthesia with oral or IV sedation, so there’s no need for general anesthesia!

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How long does AquaShape take?

An AquaShape procedure actually takes less time than traditional liposuction because there is not a lengthy infiltration phase. For most patients, the entire process can be done in just 30 to 45 minutes for each area treated. Usually patients do more than one area, so it is most likely that the whole procedure will be done within a couple of hours.

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How long does it take to recover from AquaShape liposuction?

AquaShape using Body Jet technology is a minimally invasive procedure and as a result patients experience much faster recovery times than patients who undergo traditional liposuction. In fact, many AquaShape patients report being almost pain free after just a couple of days and are thrilled at how quickly they can return to normal activity such as work or exercise.

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What are the risks of AquaShape liposuction?

As judged by current worldwide experience, liposuction is amazingly safe. The tumescent technique and body jet technology minimizes these risks such as bleeding and infection. Compared to other liposuction technologies, AquaShape liposuction is less associated with certain common side effects such as pain, bruising, swelling and temporary numbness and irregularity.

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Is AquaShape permanent?

Fat cells removed with Body Jet do not grow back. Typically, any future weight gain is distributed throughout the body.

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Is AquaShape right for me?

The ideal candidate for AquaShape is in pretty good health. Patients with localized, exercise resistant fatty areas will obtain the best results. AquaShape could be right for you if you are looking to shed fat with a more minimally invasive procedure than traditional liposuction.

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