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abd_48Partial RejuveTummy™ Lipoabdominoplasty procedure for a safe office mini tuck totally under local tumescent anesthesia:

Dr. Shu has adopted a revolutionary minimally invasive approach to mini tucks that can be safely and effectively performed as an office procedure completely under local under local tumescent anesthesia with conscious sedation. The technique, called Partial RejuveTummyTM lipoabdominoplasty, combines two procedures—liposuction of the abdomen and a mini tuck. Dr. Shu’s technique involves extensive liposuction and preserves the perforating vessels and Scarpa’s fascia, providing faster recovery time and better body contour with fewer complications compared to a traditional mini tuck. By avoiding the use of general anesthesia or heavy sedation (and complications associated with this type of anesthesia), this new procedure offers an improved postoperative recovery.

Dr. Shu’s technique can remove a larger amount of fat, which can improve abdominal contour by thinning the fat layer considerably more compared to a traditional mini tuck, while also decreasing the risks of skin necrosis. In addition, Dr. Shu’s approach does not require the use of traditional suction drains.

There are many advantages with Dr. Shu’s technique:

  • A better body contour is achieved, because liposuction decreases the abdominal measurement
  • Less morbidity, due to the preservation of the perforating vessels
  • Low percentage of complications
  • Easier technique with addition of liposuction
  • Rejuvenated abdomen with a more natural profile
  • Preservation of the supra-pubic sensitivity
  • Rapid postoperative recovery and shorter scar
  • It is safer for smokers and post-bariatric patients

abd_49When you compare the prices offered from the traditional plastic surgeon, you should know that a partial lipoabdominoplasty is more about extensive liposuction with the new surgical technique than just removing a piece of skin or fat in the traditional way.

A partial lipoabdominoplasty provides a long lasting result as long as the patient continues to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. Although results depend on the extent of the procedure, patients usually never have to worry about a flabby stomach again.

Partial RejuveTummy™ lipoabdominoplasty Recovery

  • Anesthesia: local tumescent anesthesia with or without intravenous sedation (twilight anesthesia)
  • Length of Surgery: 2-3 hours
  • Pain level: Moderate, 3-7 days of pain medication
  • Numbness: At least 6 months
  • Work: Can usually return in 1 week
  • Exercise: Resume after 4 weeks
  • Final result: About 6-12 months after scar heals

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