Dr. Shu, the First Doctor in Minnesota to Perform IDEAL breast lift™ and IDEAL Breast Lift with Augmentation™

Dr. Shu recently trained under board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ted Eisenberg, to perform the newest techniques for mastopexy (breast lift) and breast lift with augmentation.  He is the first cosmetic surgeon in Minnesota performing these advanced techniques.

Edina MN (June 2012) – IDEAL breast lift™ and IDEAL breast lift with augmentation™ are new procedure techniques that maximizes the lift and minimizes the scar.  Both surgeries are performed as an outpatient procedure and are done under the IV sedation with local anesthetic. 

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that raises and reshapes breasts that have sagged from pregnancy, from significant weight changes, or from the natural process of aging. The breast lift restores the breast to a more youthful look by repositioning the nipple at a higher position and removing excess skin which creates a natural sling or new bra to support the breasts. During the lift, Dr. Shu will sew the nipple and central portion of areola higher, and bring the tissues together.  The nipple is not removed and breast tissue is not touched; only the skin is removed.

So who is the best candidate for the IDEAL breast lift™? It is for any women with sagging breasts that don’t like the feeling of their breasts pulling forward and laying heavily on their stomachs and even the best bras do not give them the support they need”, stated Dr. Steven Shu. Another way to determine if an individual is a candidate for a breast lift would be to look in the mirror and see if the position of the nipple (not the areola, the darkened circular area around the nipple) is above, at, or below the crease beneath your breast. If the nipple is below the crease, a lift will definitely restore the breast to a more youthful shape.  If the nipple sits at the crease, it is a borderline situation and Dr. Shu’s expertise will determine whether a breast lift, a breast augmentation, or both are needed.

“If you are satisfied with the size of your breasts when they are lifted by your bra, then a breast lift alone may be the right procedure for you. If you want more breast volume, then you are probably a candidate for the combination procedure of a breast lift with augmentation”, explain Dr. Steven Shu. A Breast lift with augmentation is a common procedure for women, because breast implants alone will not lift the breasts. During surgery, the breast augmentation will be done first followed by the breast lift and removal of excess skin, so the end product will be lifted, firmer, and larger size breasts.

Some things to consider before deciding to have a breast lift are there may be a scar from the incision that goes around the nipple, extends from the nipple down to the breast fold then across the breast fold itself.  For some women the incision will heal to a thin line; for others it may be thicker.  Sometimes the breast assumes a boxy shape below the nipple where the skin was tightened. Lastly, mastopexy or a breast lift may not be permanent if your skin tone is poor before the surgery. The breasts might sag again to some extent, but not nearly to the point at which they were before surgery. A second operation might be required to retighten the skin of the breast in the future.

 After either the IDEAL breast lift or breast lift with augmentation surgeries, patients have had minimal discomfort. Stitches are dissolvable and don’t need to be removed.  More than 90% of breast surgery patients are back to work on the fifth day, if they work in an office setting. Patients can generally return to aerobics in two to three weeks and upper body weightlifting in six weeks.

Dr. Steven Shu, MD, MBA, is a board certified laser surgeon and a pioneer of office cosmetic surgeries in the United States.  He has adopted countless revolutionary techniques to achieve ideal results with more efficiency and safety.  For more information on Shu Cosmetic Surgery Institute, please visit the center’s website at http://www.shucosmeticsurgery.com.


Contact: Steven Shu, MD, MBA

Katie McClellan, PA-C

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