Shu Cosmetic Surgery Offers the Breast Implant Procedure in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area

Breast implants are sacs of silicone or saline that are inserted into a woman’s chest to make her breasts appear bigger. Augmentation surgery is so common that women no longer view the procedure as a serious operation. Just because it is an elective surgery does not mean that it is any less dangerous than necessary medical operations. Shu Cosmetic Surgery takes breast implants Minneapolis seriously. Dr. Shu makes sure that all of his patients are aware of the severity of the surgery and guides them toward healthy, informed decisions. He wants his patients to be happy with their experiences and results.  Most women seeking breast implants St. Paul choose either silicone or saline enhancements. Women can go back to work a week after having surgery and can resume normal physical activities after four weeks. It is normal to see extreme bruising in the days following surgery.

Dr. Shu’s practice offers a brand new procedure that transfers a woman’s own natural fat from one part of her body into her breasts. Unlike the other breast augmentation surgeries, this kind of augmentation is an out-patient operation that is performed while the patient is awake. She can return home after three or four hours and will not have to endure a painful healing process. This is the preferred type of augmentation among women who have had mastectomies.  At the first consultation with a new patient, Dr. Shu will discuss how he will create a realistic enhancement of the body that the patient already has. Dr. Shu’s goal is to make women look beautiful on the outside so they can feel confident on the inside.

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