Rejuvenate and Restore with the Stem Cell Enhanced Face Lift

Shu Cosmetic Surgery Institute is pleased to offer the revolutionary ADRC (Stem) Cell Enhanced Face Lift, the face lift that adds one’s own regenerative cells to further enhance facial rejuvenation and youth restoration.

Edina, MN (August 17th, 2011) — Cosmetic surgeons have been trying to restore youth into patients’ faces for years. This seemingly unattainable goal has been brought to reality thanks to improvements in surgical technique and laser tools. A ground-breaking technique that Dr. Steven Shu calls the “ADRC (Stem) cell enhanced face lift” can not only help patients restore volume in the face to create an even more youthful appearance, but also add regenerative cells believed to be beneficial to the rejuvenation process.

“The ADRC (stem) cell enhanced face lift procedure is an even more effective and innovative technique because the cells are injected into the SMAS and underneath the facial musculature to create a more satisfying result,” Dr. Shu said.

The ADRC (stem) cell enhanced face lift combines soft tissue transferred from one part of the patient’s body to the face using the patient’s own adipose tissue-derived stem cells and regenerative cells. Fat cells, usually from the abdomen area, are extracted using liposuction and then harvested for its rich amount of Adipose Derived Regenerative Cells (ADRC’s), including adult stem cells, blood vessel producing cells, and growth factor secreting cells. Once harvested, the fat is treated through an ADRC processing device to isolate the regenerative cells.

“The ADRC processing device is laboratory equipment that processes the patient’s fat tissue through a single-use, replaceable set designed specifically for this device,” Dr. Shu said. “The device separates the stem cells from the adipose fat and collects them in a closed environment to minimize risk of exposure to contaminants.”

The collected stem cells and fat are injected into the layers of skin and muscle underneath the face, and special attention is paid to making sure the regenerative tissue is placed in a precise location to enhance volume in the necessary areas.

“Following the procedure, the patient will see a dramatic improvement in both the face contour and skin appearance,” Dr. Shu said. “Local and transplanted stem cells essentially work to restore themselves and continuously multiply.”

Dr. Steven Shu, MD, MBA, is a board certified laser surgeon and a pioneer of office cosmetic and surgeries in the United States. He has adopted countless revolutionary techniques to achieve ideal results with more efficiency and safety.

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